At about 8pm last night, I got the call I had been waiting for. Jason was driving home with our bus! He was in the Arizona desert, and home is the woods of Georgia. It is going to be a long drive. But soon enough, our school bus will be here and ready for us to turn into our rolling abode.

When I sit and think about it, I waver between the elation of a dream come true, and the self doubt of “how did we even end up here?” So, I’ll start at a beginning of sorts.

This past March, we crammed our family of five, plus one tiny dog, into our Mazda 5 (what we lovingly call our “micro-van”) and drove to Georgia. My family lives in Georgia, we (and Jason’s family) lived in Pittsburgh. We made that drive a lot. And, honestly, we loved it. All five of us enjoyed watching the landscape change, the quirky roadside attractions, and the educational “off the path” stops. We especially loved the time together.

This particular drive I noticed an RV. “Wouldn’t it be nice,” I pondered out loud, “to be able to travel with one of those?”

We couldn’t. At the time, it was just a daydream. We had bills, a mortgage, jobs, so much tying us down. But that pondering planted the seed.

By the end of July, we had made yet another trip to Georgia. This time, on the drive home, it was Jason who said, “There is this job I could take. I would have to travel, but maybe you guys could come with me.” Food for the seed.

And, boy, did that seed grow!


Within the month, Jason had quit his old job, and accepted the new one. I quit teaching yoga, and worked on selling our house. (Which, is worth a book of words to fully extrapolate what needed to be done, but I’ll save that for another time.) We sold every bit of furniture we could, and the rest of our stuff (what wasn’t needed) was given or donated away. By October, our entire lives fit into a 5X8′ Uhaul trailer.

Our house sold on October 19th. After countless teary goodbyes, we traded “yinz” for “y’all,” and moved to Georgia.

Now, here we are. Jason flew to Arizon yesterday, and bought our bus. (More on why a bus later.) I am working on settling the kids into my Papa’s house. (Papa is my wonderful grandfather, who said, when asked if we could move in with him while we build the bus, “come on down.”) We are all trying to figure out what life looks like now, in the space between living a conventional life, and living the “skoolie” life. I’m sure there will be plenty more stories to tell.